Permitting and compliance

Permitting regulations, and the often little-known regulatory policies for applying them, can be particularly intricate. Failures to obtain necessary permits before changing or expanding your processes can lead to enforcement actions, injunctive relief, and monetary penalties, or even shut down orders or criminal liability at the extreme. Missteps in the permitting process expose business to risks that range from lack of operational flexibility to terms that a company cannot practically meet. They also can expose a company’s officials to potential personal liability.

Our attorneys help to limit a company’s risk. We assist companies in all stages of the environmental permitting process and with all types of environmental permits. Our attorneys handle permitting for everything from the modification of discrete processes to the installation of multi-billion dollar new major facilities. We help companies effectively address permitting obligations by developing a strategic permitting plan, negotiating permitting conditions and, if necessary, challenging unlawful permits or defending permits against challenges from neighbors, competitors, environmental organizations, or other third parties.

And, once the needed permits for operations are obtained, our attorneys help companies to operate in compliance with those permits. Even with the best planning upfront, permits can be lengthy and detailed. We help companies understand their permits and apply them in ways that will minimize their legal risks going forward, and to revise those permit terms and conditions that prove to be inappropriate or unworkable.