Class and collective actions

In recent years, employment class and collective actions have taken their toll on employers across the country. As the sophistication and complexity of these cases have increased, so has a business’s financial exposure. The potential for significant judgments and disruption to our clients' day-to-day operations can be detrimental to their company’s success. Even meritless claims can be costly to defend, and the adverse publicity that often accompanies workforce actions can be even more costly.

We work hand in hand with our clients to defend employment class and collective actions aggressively, efficiently and effectively. We help achieve a favorable outcome while minimizing the potential harm from protracted litigation. We identify opportunities for early and cost-effective resolution, such as dismissal on the merits or denial of class certification. When early resolution is not possible, we develop creative approaches and trial strategies that place our clients in the best position to prevail at trial or, if appropriate, achieve a favorable class-wide settlement. We also work to address discovery issues, such as electronic discovery and litigation holds, that can take on a life of their own in employment class and collective action litigation. Whether a company faces class or collective action claims alleging wage and hour law violations, ERISA, race or sex discrimination, or other employment issues, our creative approach and effective trial strategies help our clients to achieve the best result possible.