Porter Wright recognizes the importance of sustainability in three interrelated areas: economic success of our organization, social responsibility and environmental responsibility. The firm’s commitment to achieving our vision of performance relies on setting aggressive yet attainable goals, tracking our progress, and recognizing the challenges in order to continue on a progressive path of sustainability.

Economic success: The wise use of financial resources

The financial health of our firm is the foundation for the sustainability of our professional excellence and the recruitment and retention of exceptional talent. We strive to provide high value legal services as efficiently and effectively as possible. Additionally, we are committed to helping our community survive and prosper economically through our civic and philanthropic efforts, and the taxes, salaries and suppliers we pay.

Social responsibility: Respect for people

We strive to treat our employees, clients and fellow community members in a respectful, non-discriminatory way. We offer our employees competitive compensation and benefits, opportunities for promotion, training, open dialogue with management and working conditions that are safe and healthy. We help raise the awareness of our employees about sustainability issues in the primary fields of our legal practice and, where appropriate, include consideration of such issues in advice we provide our clients. Through building a more dynamic legal profession, a more inviting workplace and a richer community, we have moved past the concept of diversity and inclusion as mere wishful thinking and have embraced it diligently as a strategic imperative.

We manage our risks properly, use our economic power responsibly, and operate our organization in a way that is ethical and legal. We treat those with whom we are involved in the discussion of legal issues and the resolution of legal claims with due respect, including our adversaries.

By embracing our legal and ethical duty to serve our clients honestly and effectively, and in accordance with ethical standards that govern our profession, we are situated to compete fairly for our clients’ business, scrupulously protect their privacy and confidential information, and provide them efficient and effective services.

Working collaboratively with stakeholders in our community, we are committed to enhancing the well-being of others through pro bono services and philanthropy (both in terms of financial support and volunteerism).

Environmental responsibility: Attentive conservation of natural resources and due regard for the environmental consequences of our actions

We are committed to conserving our use of natural resources and energy, reducing the quantity and degree of hazard of the wastes we generate from our operations, handling them in a safe, legal and responsible way to minimize their environmental effects. Working with others in our supply chain, we help to reduce and control adverse environmental impacts and risks associated with our operations. In an effort for continuous improvement, we monitor, evaluate and communicate best practices and innovative approaches for reducing our environmental footprint.