Recruiting, hiring and training

Even airtight policies and procedures can’t protect a company from liability if they’re not followed. Training managers and workforce on proper workforce behavior is one of the best investments in a company’s success. At Porter Wright, we believe in the importance of training and the long-term benefits it provides. That’s why we offer customized, cost-effective management and workforce training packages on a flat-fee basis to ensure each client's company is well protected.

Our customized programs include training for human resources professionals to keep them up to date on the constantly changing employment law environment. We also provide training for all levels of managers — the front-line resource for reducing exposure to legal claims — designed to help them monitor the workplace and enforce policies effectively. Some of our training solutions include:

  • Best Steps to Recognize and Prevent Improper Workplace Conduct
    Minimize risks created by management actions, and recognize and deal with potential issues to reduce company risk
  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA): Common Problems and Best Practices
    Ensure compliance while effectively managing and controlling time-off issues and eliminating or reducing abuse
  • Wage-and-Hour Law and Related Legal Risks
    Avoid wage-and-hour problems and minimize associated risks
  • Disability Law Issues
    Learn best practices for complying with disability discrimination rules and communicating with applicants and employers who request accommodation for a disability
  • Workplace Privacy Issues: E-Mail, Computer Use, Blogs, Twitters and Tweets
    Learn best practices for proper and effective policies regarding computer usage, regulation of other technology at work, privacy law considerations and legal restrictions under federal and state laws.
  • Workplace Corrective Action and Discharge
    Evaluate and communicate corrective action decisions effectively.
  • Best Management Practices for Improved Employment Relationships and Union Avoidance
    Make union organizing less likely and recognize and react appropriately to early signs of organizing.
  • Effectively Managing Reductions-in-Force
    Learn a detailed, step-by-step approach suitable for all sizes of reductions in force that will minimize legal risks.