With companies under more scrutiny than ever, conducting an internal investigation seems to be a matter of when rather than if. Whether stemming from an internal complaint, whistleblower action, agency inquiry or shareholder demand, how a business handles an investigation can have a significant effect on its future operations. We understand the difficulties that accompany an internal investigation and take a mindful approach to each aspect of it. This includes how the investigation may impact daily operations, employee morale and brand reputation. When necessary, we stand ready to defend companies and represent special committees, directors and officers in a broad range of proceedings including agency and grand jury investigations, class actions and shareholder derivative claims.

Guiding corporate investigations

We lead investigations arising from allegations of management misconduct, securities violations, insider trading and healthcare fraud, to claims of environmental violations and false claims in government contracting. Through an interdisciplinary approach, we leverage the substantive experience of attorneys across our corporate, tax, government and environmental practices to bring a well-rounded team to the issue at hand. We work with federal and state agencies in a variety of contexts, which allows for a foundation of credibility with government personnel. It is extremely valuable as we take steps to minimize business interruptions and seek to achieve a prompt and satisfactory resolution. We negotiate and work with the government to mitigate the effect an investigation could have on a business. We also make sure government agencies understand and appreciate each client's industry standards, factors that can greatly influence the outcome of an investigation.