Protecting key employees, customer relationships, market share and confidential business information has never been more essential to maintaining a company’s competitive edge. We help our clients compete fiercely, but lawfully, and help them protect their business advantage against unfair and unlawful competition.

We develop business information protection programs that safeguard companies from potential legal and business landmines before trouble arises. This focused strategy protects our clients with non-compete and non-solicitation agreements, policies to guard proprietary business information and management and anti-raiding strategies to protect and maintain key talent. Further, if planning to hire employees from a competitor, we help clients do it lawfully to avoid potential lawsuits.

If proprietary business information has been breached, trade secrets have been taken, non-compete agreements have been violated or former employees have improperly solicited customers or removed electronic data, prompt action often is essential to preserve a company's information and employment or customer relationships. Our experience allows us to mount a quick and aggressive response to business competition challenges.