State and federal workplace safety and health

Employers have the responsibility to protect the safety and health of their workforce. Coupled with that responsibility is the need to comply with an ever-increasing number of occupational safety and health regulations. Our attorneys help clients to meet compliance obligations and address OSHA citations or issues that arise. In addition, we provide counsel on workplace violence issues and substance abuse policies.

At Porter Wright, we help businesses prevent problems through advice on health and safety initiatives and obligations, and by conducting appropriate policy and procedure audits to identify possible weaknesses in workplace safety plans. We also protect interests during OSHA inspections and work to favorably resolve OSHA citations.

When litigation is unavoidable, we provide aggressive representation to minimize liability and business disruptions. In the event that serious injuries or fatalities occur at our client's workplace, our attorneys help communicate on-site with employees, the media and government representatives; perform a privileged investigation of the incident; and recommend and assist with implementation of appropriate corrective and preventative measures.