HR Audits

Flexible approach. Predictable cost.

To help HR teams minimize risk and ensure compliance, Porter Wright offers HR Audits that allow leaders to choose the level of legal review they need from a tailored menu of relevant services.

Our labor and employment attorneys can create customized audits of the specific HR policies and practices you select. Audits can be designed to review policies, agreements, best practices and compliance. We then work with you to develop a custom, fixed-cost or other fee arrangement for your project.

Choose from one or any combination of services listed below to create a tailored approach unique to your business—services you can decide on, at a cost you can depend on.

Hiring and Recruiting Process:

  • Review of employment applications
  • Review of interview forms and questions
  • Review of pre-employment testing
  • Review of background check documentation and procedures
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and “ban the box” compliance
  • Review of offer letters
  • Review of employment contracts, commission agreements and restrictive covenant agreements (e.g., non-competes)
  • Review of arbitration agreements and class action waivers
  • Immigration law compliance: I-9s and e-Verify
  • Review of pre-employment drug testing documents and procedures
  • Review of post-offer medical examination documents and procedures

Review of Employment Policies:

  • Employee handbooks
  • Employment policies
  • Posting obligations
  • Job descriptions
  • Performance review, performance management and discipline forms

Termination Procedures:

  • Final pay, including payment of unused vacation
  • Severance policies and agreements
  • COBRA compliance
  • Termination and discipline documentation best practices

Review of Employment Practices:

  • FLSA – exempt and non-exempt review
  • FLSA – review of time-keeping practices and overtime administration
  • FLSA – employee v. independent contractor audit
  • Wage or pay equity audits
  • Leave administration, reasonable accommodation, maternity leave/pregnancy, military leave, ADA and FMLA
  • Affirmative action compliance
  • Review representative sample of employment files for risk analysis
  • Review of supervisor and employee training practices

Multi-State Compliance:
Review of compliance with state and local laws for multi-state employers in the areas of:

  • Paid and unpaid leave
  • Minimum wage
  • Drug testing
  • Wage and hour compliance – breaks, overtime, etc.
  • Discrimination and EEO laws
  • Postings
  • Training requirements
  • Background checks and “ban-the-box”
  • Hiring procedures
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Termination pay


  • Harassment and workplace conduct
  • Union avoidance
  • Management and supervisor training for legal risk reduction