Equity, mezzanine and debt securities

Public and private businesses look to equity or debt securities to raise capital for growth, expansion and other needs. When a client's goal is to raise capital, it makes sense to spend as little as possible on transaction costs so the money can be put to use in their business.

Our attorneys bring Midwestern value to securities transactions. We complete sophisticated securities offerings successfully at significantly lower transaction costs than our peers located on the coasts.

Our extensive experience spans both public and private entities. Recently, we represented a publicly held footwear manufacturer in an equity offering of more than $15 million. This particular client relationship extends back 30 years when we handled the company's incorporation in 1981. Since then, we have helped the company raise capital to grow, represented it in its initial public offering, and handled several mergers and acquisitions. This latest equity transaction was yet another milestone in the companies growth and evolution, tended to by Porter Wright attorneys. The firm also has advised clients concerning:

  • Term debt
  • Mezzanine debt
  • Common stock
  • Preferred stock
  • Warrants