Mergers and acquisitions, and other regulatory matters

Financial institutions often look to mergers and acquisitions to promote customer service and growth. The firm has a thorough understanding of these transactions. Our attorneys plan, negotiate and close merger and acquisition transactions, including security registration and federal income tax matters. Recent representative transactions include:

  • Bank holding company acquisitions
  • Standalone bank acquisition
  • A potential de novo bank formation
  • Branch sales
  • Resolution of antitrust considerations raised by a merger transaction
  • Private equity acquisition of a bank
  • Creation of executive deferred compensation plans
  • Conversion of a mutual association to stock ownership
  • Acquisition of a failing financial institution
  • Corporate credit union acquisitions

Financial institutions, large and small, seek our guidance to meet the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities of banking in the 21st century. This includes regulatory matters such as capital and tax planning, corporate governance matters, compliance issues and emerging issues involving data security, financial technology and innovations in payment systems. Recently, for example, the firm has advised large commercial banks, community banks and credit unions concerning:

  • Consumer lending
  • Executive compensation
  • Data security and privacy matters
  • Holding company activities
  • Directors and officers liability insurance and related matters
  • Tax credit transactions
  • Dodd-Frank Act developments
  • Bank Secrecy Act compliance
  • Electronic contracts and disclosures
  • Mortgage broker registration
  • Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act compliance
  • Truth in Lending Act and other consumer compliance matters
  • Merchant services and other treasury cash management services
  • Retail and corporate trust services
  • Retail and wholesale broker-dealer compliance
  • The purchase and sale of commercial and consumer loan portfolios