Advertising, false advertising, unfair competition and product claims

Our attorneys regularly advise and protect our clients from a host of illegal business practices that fall under the broad category of unfair competition under state and federal law, including such issues as:

Legal risk analysis of comparative advertising and product performance claims: Our attorneys work with clients, outside experts and statisticians to analyze the legal and practical risks of proposed comparative advertising and product performance claims and the statistical or other basis for the same.

False advertising: We protect our clients' right to truthfully advertise and take legal action against our clients' competitors who make false or misleading advertising claims. We also protect the business reputation of clients by taking legal action to prevent defamation of their businesses or products.

Interference with business relations: Our attorneys protect our clients' interests against unfair interference with our clients' contracts, customers and other advantageous economic relationships.

Trade dress infringement: We protect our clients' legal interests from misleading or deceiving practices of competitors in unfairly imitating product features or packaging of products by copying such things as unique shapes, color schemes, patterns or other distinctive aspects of the appearance.

Misappropriation of trade secrets: We advise clients on how to protect their technical and business trade secrets, including advice on precautions for protecting sensitive technical information.

Restrictive covenants and non-competition agreements: Our attorneys regularly advise clients on employee agreements relating to contractual agreements on post-employment restrictions on competition and confidentiality of information.