Litigation surrounding privacy and data security involves complex, technical arguments and requires an understanding of the regulatory environment. Businesses faced with such litigation need attorneys who understand both aspects of the case and work toward successful, cost-effective resolution. Porter Wright attorneys use in-depth knowledge of laws such as HIPAA, HITECH, data-breach statutes and regulations to defend against claimed violations.

The complex world of electronic discovery requires attorneys who are knowledgeable and effective in counseling about and working within these complex rules. Our attorneys work with our client's information technology staff to manage electronic discovery in cases ranging from single-plaintiff employment discrimination claims to multi-party, multi-jurisdictional antitrust, product liability or securities actions, to name just a few.

Our experience includes:

  • We assisted law enforcement with search warrants and subpoenas after a breach in our client's financial systems affected both their members' and employees' bank accounts, which led to the funds being recovered.
  • We filed and pursued a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction in federal court and enjoined an attempt by ex-employees to penetrate Internet security and steal confidential information housed at a third-party site for our client, an international pharmaceutical company.
  • Our attorneys defend against data breach class actions through strategic advice, fact investigation, early motion practice, discovery and briefing related to class certification issues, settlement and, if necessary, trial.