Product liability

When a business is product design or manufacturing, a minor defect claim involving a single user can turn rapidly into multi-party, multi-jurisdiction litigation. Product liability claims can call into question the integrity of processes, disrupt operations and threaten major product lines.

Porter Wright has defended companies in thousands of product liability cases. If the scope of our client's litigation expands, we have the knowledge and experience to defend it on a regional or national level. Sometimes our most valuable service is helping our clients to stay out of the courtroom. We work to limit and manage the risk of potential product liability claims.

Our litigation services include:

  • Trial advocacy: From mass tort multi-jurisdictional cases to quasi-product liability matters, such as consumer fraud and municipal nuisance claims, our attorneys have successfully defended clients in nearly every industry.
  • Regional counsel: When the scope of your product's case is broad, we can assume the unique role as regional counsel to ensure local government legal requirements and obligations are met.
  • National litigation management: We successfully manage national litigation and develop strategies that factor in not only litigation objectives, but also regulatory issues and public relations.
  • Alternative dispute resolution: Not every case should be aggressively litigated. We assist with ADR methods like mediation, early neutral case evaluation and arbitration if they better serve our client's business goals.