Trade secret protection and non-competition

Working hard to achieve and maintain competitive advantages, businesses build customer lists, develop trade secrets and protect other innovations through patents, trademarks and copyrights. But maintaining a competitive advantage also requires enforceable non-competition and non-solicitation agreements — and the willingness to take steps, when necessary, to enforce those agreements. Through decades of experience and hundreds of successful cases, we have helped clients successfully protect their competitive advantages on a national scale.

We start by preparing and negotiating enforceable agreements that are tailored to each individual employer and the specific nature of its industry. Then, if issues arise, we work with our clients to enforce the terms of those agreements. Further, if a client is planning to hire employees from a competitor, we can help them do it lawfully and avoid or defend against any lawsuits that might be brought against it. We attempt to protect our clients' rights and help them obtain the relief to which they are entitled, first through informal means, when possible, and then through litigation when necessary.

Our work includes:

  • Trade secret protection advice and enforcement
  • Non-competition, non-solicitation and confidentiality agreements
  • Evidence gathering, including fact investigation and managing forensic computer analysis
  • Informal dispute resolution and settlement
  • Enforcement through injunctive relief
  • Mediation and litigation