Digital information is extremely easy to create, store, and share, opening businesses to growth opportunities while also exposing them to substantial risks. Knowing what data should be preserved and produced, as well as how data should be reviewed and analyzed, can suddenly become costly questions when a business is faced with litigation. Poorly-managed document productions and outdated records management policies can not only weaken a case, but result in extensive discovery costs that could have been minimized or avoided entirely. Even worse, failing to comply with discovery obligations raises the possibility of monetary or case-terminating sanctions. No matter where our clients are in the e-discovery process — from updating retention policies to implementing litigation hold procedures to responding to document production requests — we can help streamline the process.

Our significant experience covers all stages of e-discovery. We have planned and managed cost-effective document review projects in a variety of cases, including complex commercial cases for Fortune 100 companies, international arbitration disputes and in litigation brought by federal and state government agencies. We have used diverse staffing models and workflows and the latest legal technology to fit specific projects, improve quality and control costs. In addition, we regularly advise businesses before litigation arises on their maintenance and preservation of corporate records and electronic data and their evaluation and implementation of e-discovery processes and technology solutions.

We recognize each business has different needs, philosophies and capabilities. By drawing on our experience, we collaborate to assess what e-discovery strategies make the most sense for a client's situation. When feasible, we begin with a proactive approach to information governance tailored to meet our client's objectives, minimize their risk and respect their budget. If litigation arises, we work to develop a defensible discovery plan that is proportional to what is at stake, fulfills discovery obligations cost-effectively and finds key documents efficiently so our clients can stay focused on the merits of their case.

Our services include:

Discovery services

  • Early case and data assessment
  • Document review and production, including computer-assisted reviews
  • Social media discovery
  • Forensic examination protocols
  • Public records requests
  • Government investigations and subpoenas
  • Preservation plans and orders
  • E-discovery protocols and search parameters
  • Management of legal technology vendors and contract attorneys

Litigation readiness counseling

  • Litigation hold policies and procedures
  • Data mapping
  • E-discovery audits

Information governance

  • Records management policies
  • Social media guidelines
  • Cloud computing service contracts