Law enforcement and forensics

A critical aspect of investigating a security breach occurs at the moment the breach occurs. Forensic investigation and preservation must be part of all data breach response plans. A determination always needs to be made as to when and how to involve law enforcement. We have experience working with law enforcement and forensic experts and other similar organizations to respond to network intrusions, data breaches and other computer-related incidents. Following a data breach, computer forensics, data recovery, internet and email investigations, and network intrusion response investigations are all critical.

We guide clients through the criminal investigation process in a timely and efficient manner while protecting the clients’ business interests and proprietary information. We assist in reporting obligations for unauthorized access to computer systems and other theft of data to law enforcement and advise regarding criminal investigations. Unauthorized access to computer systems is a crime under federal law and most states’ laws.

Our experience includes:

  • We advised a client regarding a data breach involving employee personal information by a rogue ex-employee who hacked into the company's email servers and acquired the social security numbers and financial account numbers of company executives. We worked with local authorities who subsequently apprehended the individual.
  • We advised a client regarding a breach of their financial systems affecting both their members' and employees' bank accounts, and worked with the FBI and local police to investigate the breach. The breach was discovered when employees reported to management that several thousands of dollars of withdrawals were made from several employees' bank accounts.
  • We advised a client regarding the unexpected detection of child pornography on a computer device and established a procedure to cooperate with a criminal investigation and cleanse the infected device of the contraband material without disruption to the client's business, in facts arising from a person who dropped a flash drive in a parking lot. We were involved to, among other things, coordinate the law-enforcement notification and to develop a plan to ensure computers were not confiscated.