Unmanned and autonomous systems (Drones and driverless vehicles)

Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and autonomous vehicles (AVs) are emerging and emergent technologies that have already begun to  transform and reinvigorate numerous commercial industries. Leaders in the automotive, technology, transportation and logistics, insurance, agriculture and construction industries, among others, have adopted UAS and AV technologies to make their operations more efficient, safe and productive.

In recent years, UAS and AV technology has begun to be embraced by businesses and important regulatory agencies such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), as well as by state and local regulatory authorities. Porter Wright has the legal team with the experience and know-how to advise and ensure compliance with the evolving regulatory landscape at all levels of government.

Our attorneys work with clients to leverage opportunities made possible by these exciting technologies. With opportunity comes risk. We provide counsel on how to mitigate that risk, including:

  • Product liability
  • Tort liability
  • Safety
  • Testing methodologies
  • Cybersecurity
  • Privacy
  • Post-crash behavior
  • Instructions and warnings
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Property rights
  • Constitutional rights
  • Intellectual property