Highly intensive and heavily regulated, the innovative biotech industry seeks to develop life-enhancing — and at times, life-saving — technology. Whether working alongside an emerging business or established operation, our Biotech attorneys incorporate wide-ranging experience and skills to help our clients safeguard innovation and achieve business goals.

We have significant knowledge of the trends affecting the medical device, pharmaceutical, bioinformatics and related industries, and support nonprofit research institutions engaged in leading-edge medical and biotech research. We work closely with our clients in the organization, financing and operation of their businesses, and in structuring strategic alliances in research, development, manufacturing and distribution. Our Biotech team also advises in acquisition and disposition of business units and technologies, intellectual property rights perfection and protection, and tax and regulatory counseling and compliance.

Together with our Intellectual Property practice, we provide services in patent procurement, patentability analysis, patent prosecution, infringement and validity analysis of existing patents, as well as trademark, copyright and trade secret protection in the United States and throughout the world. Our attorneys have successfully prosecuted and defended litigation throughout the United States involving patent, trademark and copyright infringement, contract enforcement, and competitive trade secret and licensing protection involving former employees and business associates. We are experienced in university technology licensing and structuring collaborative relationships between industry and university faculty and staff, as well as with various government research organizations.