Catastrophic injuries

A catastrophic injury claim quite possibly could be one of the most devastating experiences a company can go through. When a company is accused of manufacturing a product or providing a service that causes a catastrophic experience to a consumer, the claims can have an enormous impact on pride and morale and threaten the viability of the company. One successful claim can compromise a company's business model and mission.

Porter Wright attorneys develop workable legal and business strategies for the successful defense of catastrophic injury claims with a minimal adverse effect on a company. We deftly and sensitively manage the emotion and human frailty that often accompany such devastating litigation.

Because catastrophic injury cases often involve complicated legal and technical issues, our clients rely on field experts to help shape the case and defend their position. Our attorneys work closely with a network of professionals — from engineers and architects to mechanics to doctors — to select expert witnesses uniquely suited for each case. With the right defense team in place, we are able to gain defense verdicts for our clients by first understanding and identifying the key issues and evidence, and then presenting the case persuasively. And, if appropriate, pursue and reach optimal settlement arrangements not only in the court of law, but in the court of public opinion.

We have successfully handled catastrophic injury cases all over the United States. Our experience in this type of litigation helps to smooth the path toward a successful resolution that allows our clients to keep their company moving forward. Throughout litigation, we are there for our clients as a champion for their business and an advocate for their product.