White collar criminal defense

The White Collar Criminal Defense group, led by a former federal prosecutor, counsels and defends corporations and individuals in a range of investigations and prosecutions. Our areas of experience include criminal antitrust, healthcare fraud, FCPA, export violations, pharmaceutical diversion, money laundering, securities fraud, mail and wire fraud, public corruption, RICO, tax offenses, and other federal and state crimes. We can effectively negotiate resolutions with the government or work to oppose its overreach. While we achieve many high-profile wins in court, our greatest successes include matters that settle quietly and favorably for our clients.

We also work proactively with corporations to avoid criminal exposure through tailored training and compliance programs. Integrating decades of experience and staying ahead of current enforcement priorities, we identify specific areas for risk remediation before they may become a crisis. We further assist in corporate investigations of potentially criminal conduct. Our team provides support in civil litigation that has a concurrent criminal investigation or underlying allegations of criminal conduct. We bring not only a deep understanding of the civil litigation and criminal conduct processes, but also how they may impact each other.