Waste materials

Dealing with waste materials efficiently and effectively — from collection and storage to transport and disposal — takes planning, resources and a thorough understanding of a company’s obligations under federal and state laws. All businesses generate wastes – from the large chemical company to a small retail business – and how those wastes are managed can be critical to the bottom line. Porter Wright has decades of experience working with clients to help them navigate the complex legal requirements for solid, hazardous and universal wastes, from the cradle to grave. We also have hands on experience finding creative solutions to practical waste management problems that result in significant cost savings.

Porter Wright’s environmental attorneys have the legal know how and the practical experience to work with plant technical teams to identify opportunities to manage waste streams to increase worker safety, lower regulatory burdens and provide significant operational flexibility. By collaborating with plant personal on innovative treatment options, we have helped clients find ways to manage wastes so that they do not become hazardous, or to reduce the amount of wastes generated. We also help small businesses with compliance issues ranging from the reporting requirements for battery disposal to how commercial businesses need to manage used florescent light bulbs.

In addition to helping identify cost-effective ways to manage waste materials, our attorneys counsel industrial operations in their solid and hazardous waste compliance obligations, reporting requirements and as they obtain permits for waste treatment, storage and disposal facilities. When spills happen, we know when and to whom clients must report, and we defend solid and hazardous waste enforcement actions at both the state and federal levels. We also have represented our clients at every stage of the clean-up of legacy waste disposal sites under both RCRA and CERCLA (a.k.a “Superfund”).

Our experience with wastes, however, is not limited to industrial and commercial clients. Porter Wright has a long history of serving as counsel to local governments in the management of solid waste and as they plan for solid waste disposal for their residents. This includes the representation of solid waste management districts and solid waste landfills.