Clean Air Act

Air pollution regulation has become ever more complex since the enactment of the Clean Air Act in 1970. Ohio and neighboring states have been ground zero for many of the most ambitious and costly initiatives under the Clean Air Act, particularly with respect to the energy, manufacturing, and transportation sectors.

Porter Wright attorneys  have been there every step of the way. We were involved at the creation of the Ohio EPA in 1972, and in every piece of Ohio air pollution control legislation since then. We participated in the formulation and revision of Ohio’s State Implementation Plan and most of Ohio’s significant air pollution control regulations. We have been involved on behalf of numerous and diverse clients and ad hoc coalitions in major federal legislation and rulemakings. And we’ve defended our clients against Clean Air Act claims in bet-the-company litigation in federal court.

Whether our clients have complex permitting challenges; face requests for information, notices of violation, administrative or judicial enforcement proceedings, or private-party civil suits; or are assessing creative ways to change or expand their facilities, Porter Wright attorneys help our clients to avoid potential pitfalls and find effective, pragmatic, and efficient solutions to Clean Air Act issues.

We work with our clients to prepare applications for and negotiate the terms of permits required to install and operate new major and minor facilities and major and minor modifications to existing facilities. We counsel businesses on the regulatory implications of specific process or product changes. We analyze and prepare public comments on rulemakings at the state and federal level. We spearhead legislative and regulatory changes to make air regulation more sensible and predictable. We work with industry associations and encourage the development of regulatory policies that protect the environment while promoting economic growth and operational flexibility. We understand the value of collaboration between industry and government and help businesses find the right economic and environmental balance.