Nothing is more important to the future of our clients than the investment in infrastructure.  Electricity, gas, water, sewer, and transportation infrastructure is the backbone of our economy and the foundation upon which our clients’ success is built. Whether the client is an electric power transmission company, chemical manufacturer, trucking company, real estate developer, mining company or renewable energy supply business, we understand the economic and regulatory environment in which they operate and we help them as they invest in the infrastructure necessary for their businesses.

We regularly assist in the permitting of new energy facilities in Ohio and advising clients on the regulatory implications of energy projects. This includes building a practice with more than 50 years of experience addressing all aspects of the regulatory approval process for new energy infrastructure – from the consideration of route alternatives for new electric and gas transmission projects before the Ohio Power Siting Board through eminent domain proceedings.  The attorneys in our environmental group have the ability to provide comprehensive advice for major energy infrastructure projects.

If a company is considering developing, marketing and delivering renewable energy, alternative energy or energy conservation technologies, we also regularly provide guidance on obtaining grants, incentives and financing. We also have lobbied successfully for legislation to remove barriers to renewable energy solutions.

Among other infrastructure projects, we have helped clients deal with the regulatory requirements for the construction of improvements to existing linear transportation infrastructure to facilitate the movement of more goods; we have counseled municipalities in the process of securing the financing necessary to upgrade and replace aging water and sewer systems; we have assisted clients as they worked through the regulatory process necessary to secure tax and other incentives for new energy projects, such as waste-to energy ventures; and, we have advised industrial, commercial and residential developers as they brought new infrastructure investment to communities throughout the United States.