January 11, 2019 / Law Alert

Food & Agriculture Quarterly

Welcome to our first FAQ of 2019. Last year was quite an active year in food and agriculture; choosing what to present was quite a challenge! That said, we hope that you will be pleased with our choices.

Starting us off is Allen Carter’s summary on the eggs antitrust class action trial. While very few antitrust cases actually go to trial, even fewer antitrust class actions go to trial. Certainly an interesting case with a number of unique aspects; and [Spoiler Alert] Porter Wright successfully represented the largest defendant.

Next, we have a very interesting article from Devan Flahive concerning how the Bureau of Land Management decided to deal with the wild horse population in the Western part of the United States. As you will see, the decision affects not only wild horses but livestock farmers as well.

Our next article comes to us via the Ohio Agricultural Law Blog, where Ellen Essman, a Senior Research Associate at Ohio State, discusses whether the type of nuisance suits that have been brought against Smithfield in North Carolina could be maintained in Ohio and what Ohio farmers should be aware of as these issues start to appear in other parts of the country.

Jetta Sandin follows with a status report on many of the antitrust cases involving agricultural and food processors. And last, but certainly not least, Will Sjoberg from our International Trade Practice provides an update on our current (and ever-changing) trade laws, and in particular, how they impact soybean farmers.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a spectacular New Year and an outstanding 2019!