A unique component of Molly’s litigation practice entails management and efficient analysis of electronically stored information, and other large data sources. Molly assists clients in effectively and defensibly protecting themselves from excessive discovery and production costs. Similarly, Molly has extensive experience negotiating with the U.S. Department of Justice regarding evolving standards and scopes of production to reduce the burden on companies responding to information requests.

In one recent example, she assisted a Canadian corporation to reduce its document production burden by 80 percent in a contract action in which the opposing party attempted to engage in unnecessary and excessive discovery, and later went on to secure a favorable verdict for the client after a two-week jury trial.

Molly’s experience in this area includes:

  • Training and managing teams on current e-discovery platforms
  • Producing transactional data from legacy databases in usable format
  • Training and managing teams for review and redaction of records in sensitive public records release for a large public institution