Key Matters

  • Following a 3-week jury trial in Tampa, Florida, successfully prosecuted non-competition and trade secret claims against former employees of a leading brokerage firm, recovering compensatory and punitive damages as well as attorney's fees.
  • Represented plaintiff bank in a legal malpractice action against its former counsel in connection with a portfolio of SBA loans resulting in substantial seven-figure settlement.
  • Represented plaintiff  bankruptcy trustee in an investigation and prosecution of complex claims in connection with multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme resulting in substantial settlements.
  • Secured a victory after a four-day bench trial in federal court in a restrictive covenant case brought by a large national insurance brokerage client against a former executive. The court awarded $1.9 million in attorneys’ fees, imposed a permanent injunction, cited multiple instances of the defendant breaching both his contractual restrictive covenant and the court’s preliminary injunction order (resulting in numerous findings of contempt of court) and referred both the defendant and a key third-party witness to the Office of the United States Attorney for investigation into possible perjury charges.
  • Prosecuted multi-million dollar dispute over sale of defective goods.
  • Represented creditor trustee in bankruptcy of century-old manufacturing business and litigated more than 1,200 claims, including a fraudulent transfer claim in excess of $100 million.