September 3, 2019 / Press Release

Porter Wright among largest group of law firms taking part in the Mansfield Rule program

The Diversity Lab, an innovation incubator on diversity and inclusion, announced that Porter Wright is among the largest group thus far to participate in the Mansfield Rule program. The program, which launched its 3.0 iteration on July 15, 2019, works with law firms to boost the representation of diverse lawyers in law firm leadership by broadening the pool of candidates considered for these opportunities.

Porter Wright announced its participation in the program in June. In a press release, The Diversity Lab reported 99 law firms are taking part in The Mansfield Rule 3.0. It also released results from the 2.0 iteration of the program, which was covered in The American Lawyer, in the article, "Diversity Initiative Names 64 Firm 'Mansfield 2.0' Certified." The results included:

  • 94% of Mansfield Rule 2.0 firms said that after adopting the Mansfield Rule, their candidate pool for pitch teams was more diverse.
  • 79% of participating firms reported that their lateral partner pool was more diverse following adoption of the Mansfield Rule, and 76% said their equity partner pool was more diverse.
  • 92% of participating firms saw an increase in formal discussions regarding succession planning for leadership and governance roles, and 85% increased formal discussions for lateral partner hiring.
  • 65% of participating firms promoted a higher percentage of diverse lawyers into equity

"The data shared by the Diversity Lab from the second cycle of this program shows really meaningful and important change," said Bob Tannous, managing partner at Porter Wright. "We are thrilled to be taking part in this third cycle to take more steps toward building a more dynamic legal profession and a more inviting workplace."

Porter Wright has received recent media coverage of its diversity and inclusion efforts: