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  • Price gouging lawsuits… and the hits keep coming By Jay Levine and Allen Carter    As we adapt to the “new normal,” producers and suppliers at all levels of the distribution chain must continue to be cognizant of their pricing and the laws that seek to place a ceiling on those prices. Cases continue to be brought and legislation proposed. In the first few months after the COVID-19 pandemic began and states of emergency were declared, several price-gouging lawsuits were initiated—some by consumers, some by large companies and others by State... More
  • Healthcare post-COVID-19 may look radically different By Jay Levine and Ben Steinberger    The confluence of forces due to COVID-19 is likely to affect the healthcare industry in serious and unpredictable ways. And the antitrust laws, as well as how they are enforced, will play a big part in shaping (or re-shaping) the industry. With the contracting economy making capital more difficult to obtain and politicians calling for a moratorium on mergers, especially those which could reduce healthcare capacity, healthcare companies must think carefully and strategically about where they... More
  • NCAA’s legal woes: Antitrust challenges from student-athletes continue By Jay Levine and Luke Fedlam    The NCAA’s legal challenges regarding a student athlete’s ability to financially benefit from their name, image and likeness has ramped up. The league was hit with another class action antitrust lawsuit last week. The lawsuit comes on the heels of a decision by the Ninth Circuit affirming a bench trial victory by student-athletes. In that case, the District Court largely held that the NCAA’s rules prohibiting certain Grant-in-Aid payments to student-athletes violated the antitrust laws. Jay... More
  • Antitrust during COVID-19 Part 3: Planning for the future By Jay Levine and Allen Carter    With any large crisis, litigation follows and that will certainly be the case with the COVID-19 pandemic. In the third and final installment of our podcast series on consumer protection and antitrust concerns during COVID-19, Jay Levine, host and partner at Porter Wright, talks to attorney Allen Carter, about the areas where businesses may be at risk for litigation, what they should be thinking about now to protect themselves and what to expect in the... More
  • What to expect in a post-COVID-19 world By Jay Levine and Allen Carter    Though at times a return to normalcy may seem far off, it makes sense to contemplate what the legal landscape will look like when the current COVID-19 crisis abates, and what we can do now to protect ourselves as best we can. That’s what we explore in our third and final installment on antitrust and consumer protection in a COVID-19 world. Be sure to read Part 1, “Antitrust law in a COVID-19 world: Do we... More
  • Antitrust during COVID-19 Part 2: Price gouging and hoarding of supplies By Jay Levine and Allen Carter    If you’ve been to the store lately, you know there are a few things that are hard to find and others are increasing in price. But when does stocking up turn into hoarding or demand driving up prices turn into price gouging? In the second of a three-part series on consumer protection and antitrust concerns during COVID-19, host Jay Levine and Porter Wright attorney Allen Carter discuss how federal and state governments protect consumers in... More
  • Price gouging during COVID-19: The flip side of competition law By Jay Levine and Allen Carter    In our first installment and podcast, we discussed antitrust enforcement in the COVID-19 era. Now, we’d like to discuss price gouging, which in many ways is the polar opposite of antitrust law. Antitrust laws are based, at least partly, on the principle that fair and open competition allows resources to be allocated most efficiently. It further assumes that fair and open competition allows goods and services to be priced efficiently, by the forces of supply... More
  • Antitrust during COVID-19 Part 1: Concerns about collaboration By Jay Levine and Allen Carter    During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen companies collaborating on some great ideas. Companies should keep in mind, however, that the antitrust laws still apply and those who don’t follow them may pay dearly later. In the first of a three-part series about antitrust and consumer protection during COVID-19, host Jay Levine talks to Porter Wright attorney Allen Carter about how companies can collaborate during the current crisis, what business owners should do to protect themselves... More
  • Antitrust law in a COVID-19 world: Do we care? Should we care? By Jay Levine and Allen Carter    Let’s face it, antitrust concerns probably do not top your list of legal concerns at this time. So, it is fair to ask whether companies should worry much about antitrust right now. The short answer is, yes. The rules have not changed, and those who do not heed them now may pay dearly later. At the same time, we realize you probably have better things to do than read another alert that recites a long list... More
  • Made in the USA? It better be By Jay Levine    The Federal Trade Commission remains vigilant about protecting the integrity of “Made in USA” claims. This is evidenced by its recent settlement with Williams-Sonoma Inc. The FTC claimed that that the well-known home products and kitchen wares company deceptively represented that certain of its products were made in the U.S. when, in fact, they were wholly imported, or contained significant imported materials or components. Those products included its Goldtouch Bakeware products, Rejuvenation-branded products, and Pottery Barn Teen and Pottery... More