June 10, 2021 / Press Release

Clients name Porter Wright to list of midsize law firms "punching above their weight"

BTI Consulting

BTI Consulting Group named Porter Wright among the law firms stepping up client service. The group released the list, "Clients Single Out 43 Midsize Law Firms for Punching Way Above Their Weight," on June 9, 2021. 

"Clients point to 43 small and midsize firms — by name — as punching way above their weight class. Top legal decision makers look to these firms with the same level of confidence as the large firms," BTI wrote. 

Clients noted firms were stepping up in many areas:

  • Quick with an opinion
  • Skilled and empathetic listeners
  • Know their way around the issues
  • Understand how to help
  • Get things done
  • Make deep connections

"These firms prove client service savvy still sits at the epicenter of client relationships — no matter how big or small the firm. As we said last year — these firms may not be getting the big transactions or monster litigation, but you may be surprised at the outsized work they get. And, they may just be setting the client service standard for others to match."

BTI recognized Porter Wright in March 2021 for providing extraordinary client service during the COVID-19 pandemic. The firm was also recognized in BTI's 2021 Client Service A-Team Report for its strengths in advising clients on business issues, anticipating client needs, excelling in client-facing communication, investing in client relationships and anticipating client needs.