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Labor & Employment

In today’s volatile economy and changing legal landscape, effectively managing your workforce can be challenging. Economic pressures require lean staffing and high productivity. Meanwhile, the laws and regulations impacting employee relationships continue to evolve. These pressures add to the complex dynamics affecting your workplace and create legal land mines which can prove costly to your business. At every stage of the employment cycle - from recruiting and hiring, through training and discipline, to termination and retirement - a misstep can prove costly. We help you effectively manage one of your business’s most valuable assets - your workforce.

We work with you to develop effective hiring, evaluation, discipline and termination policies and procedures. Our proactive approach helps strengthen your hiring and retention programs while protecting your decisions at every stage of the employment process. We do more than successfully resolve the case at hand; we partner with you to help your business achieve its goals through a strong and well-managed workforce. If employment disputes should arise, we work to empower you with effective resolution strategies.