July 2022 / Published Work

Sports law: A practical guide to protecting the interests of athletes

PLI Press

National sports law attorney Luke Fedlam has written and published the book, Sports Law: A Practical Guide to Protecting the Interests of AthletesSports Law provides real-world, practical insights on how to provide legal protections to athletes at all levels in a meaningful and impactful way.

The book is designed to be useful for attorneys representing athletes at firms, in marketing or at player agencies, as well as law students and others studying the business of sports. Those on athletes' management or advisory teams will find the book to be a helpful resource. For athletes, this book is an easily digestible way to understand how to protect themselves and navigate life outside of their sport.

Sports Law: A practical guide to protecting the interests of athletes has been published by Practising Law Institute, a nonprofit organization committed to enhancing knowledge and expertise for those seeking legal and professional development.