July 11, 2022 / Media Mention

Luke Fedlam mentioned at Chapelboro.com about work focused on NIL

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, news outlet Chapelboro.com featured sports attorney Luke Fedlam in its story, "Assessing the NCAA landscape one year post-NIL," on July 7, 2022. 

From Chapelboro.com, Michael Koh reporting:

"Luke Fedlam, president of Anomaly Sports Group and sports law partner at the firm Porter Wright, compared the introduction of NIL to another groundbreaking event in college athletics.

"'Name, image and likeness is one of the biggest changes to college sports in 70 years, when student-athletes first started receiving college athletics scholarships,' Fedlam said. 'And we hear about big names and big dollar amounts for some athletes, but that’s just a very select few. There are thousands of student-athletes engaging in name, image and likeness that are earning compensation and being able to help fund their academic experience.'"