October 11, 2022 / Press Release

LGBTQ+ Business group joins Small Business Pride Program

Porter Wright launches online resources to provide support and education to Three Rivers Business Alliance program members

Porter Wright’s LGBTQ+ Business Practice Group has joined the Three Rivers Business Alliance (3RBA) Small Business Pride Program in Pittsburgh. As a founding member of this program, the firm’s LGBTQ+ Business group has launched legal insights and educational resources specifically for LGBTQ+ business owners through the Small Business Pride Program’s new legal resources page.

“Joining Small Business Pride on the ground floor of its development was imperative for our firm and our LGBTQ+ legal team,” shared Ron Hicks, co-chair of Porter Wright’s LGBTQ+ Business Practice Group. “It’s critical for LGBTQ+ business owners to feel supported with resources to help them start, maintain and grow their companies. The Small Business Pride pages offer a range of resources for the LGBTQ+ business community that are curated by authentic professionals and companies who understand their unique challenges and potential.”

Porter Wright’s Small Business Pride LGBTQ+ Business legal resource page includes insight into the following topics through videos, slides, law alerts and recordings:

  • Applying for LGBTE Certification
  • Building your LGBTQ+ Business: Avoiding legal pitfalls that could derail your LGTBQE Certification
  • Minimizing common tax issues
  • Navigating common real estate challenges
  • Setting up a business entity
  • Negotiating and drafting contracts
  • Understanding trademark, copyright and IP

The Small Business Pride Program was created to connect, educate and empower businesses with purpose during Pride Month and throughout the entire year. When supported and elevated through their own LGBTQ+ community members and allies, LGBTQ+ business owners—especially those who want to be open about who they are when conducting business—find the resources, advocacy and confidence needed to achieve growth and success.

Small Business Pride
The Three Rivers Business Alliance Small Business Pride program is a celebration of businesses taking pride in being LGBTQ+ and allies. The program provides support and education that fosters pride, equity, and inclusion 365 days a year. The cornerstone of the program is a comprehensive website with downloadable, customizable promotional materials, educational resources for small businesses and access to the Small Business Pride toolkit.

Three Rivers Business Alliance
Three Rivers Business Alliance (3RBA) is a membership-based, business advocacy organization dedicated to making the Pittsburgh/Greater Allegheny Region an influential and diverse business community for people of all genders and sexualities, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, queer, intersex, asexual, pansexual and allies (LGBTQIA+), by promoting economic development and growth through equal opportunities, insightful education, effective leadership and lasting partnerships.