October 24, 2023 / Media Mention

John Carney interviewed by Cannabis Wire about forecasted legalization in Ohio

Cannabis Wire

Cannabis Wire interviewed Columbus, Ohio, attorney John Carney for the article, "Ohio Rep says lawmakers are already preparing for what happens after voters legalize cannabis," published Oct. 23, 2023. (Article requires sign-in)

From Cannabis Wire, Alyson Martin reporting:

"Carney said that he predicts that if Issue 2 passes, the general assembly won’t make any real moves until December 2024. He added that, like it or not, the cannabis industry’s money will be flowing to Columbus. 

"'I don’t think, if this passes, that the general assembly is going to do a lot to try to turn this back. I think you will have marijuana regulated like alcohol in Ohio, and I think they’ll be tinkering on that as that moves forward,' Carney said. 'All the while, the industry will be making money and making contributions and growing in clout around the general assembly. And I think they will have a check on the general assembly doing anything.'"