Employment Relations Seminar: Going Rogue

JUN 02, 2017
The Hilton at Easton Town Center

Significant shifts have occurred in the (employment) Force. Porter Wright Jedi are here to help you prevent disaster. Prepare to be fully operational on Friday, June 2, 2017 at the Hilton Columbus at Easton Town Center for a half-day seminar.

Topics include:

Shields Up:
Taking Action Based on Off-Duty Conduct
Presenters: Jamie LaPlante and Leigh Anne Williams, Porter Wright
How do companies manage security and the rights of employees under Ohio's new gun laws? What about arrests, convictions and other off-duty misconduct? Drug and alcohol abuse that happens off-duty? Social media policies? Jamie and Leigh Anne will give employers the ins and outs on dealing with situations that occur outside the office.

Do or Do Not - There is no Try:
Evolving Gender Protections Under Title VII
Presenters: Rachel Burke and Caroline Gentry, Porter Wright
We will look at the significant expansion of gender protections under Title VII over the last 20 years, including the recent guidance from the EEOC on transgender issues and the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals decision confirming that Title VII prohibits sexual orientation discrimination. Rachel and Caroline will also discuss the practical application of these changes to your workplaces and what you can do to ensure that your company is in compliance with this evolving area of law.

Have Your Light Sabers Ready!
Calculated Risks: The Role of HR Professionals in Risk Management
Presenters: Amy Jo Donohew, Senior Director of Human Resources, DSW Inc.; Mike Underwood and Jourdan Day, Porter Wright
Avoid turning to the dark side by asking the right questions of management to identify, analyze and reduce potential risks. We will shine a light on guiding and documenting internal investigations, recognizing risks in performance management procedures and knowing when to contact outside counsel.