December 7, 2017 / Published Work

Eric Gallon publishes new book, “The attorney-client privilege and the work-product doctrine”

Earlier this year, attorney Eric Gallon published his book, The Attorney-Client Privilege and the Work-Product Doctrine, which details “the scope of a lawyer's responsibility to a client when called as a witness or when otherwise required to produce evidence.” The book can be reviewed and purchased at

From a review:
“Eric Gallon's book is outstanding. I recommend reviewing it often, to stay ahead of potential privilege and work product concerns. More importantly, I recommend picking up his work when facing any attorney/client or work product issues, and particularly any potentially thorny situation. I’ve recently moved in-house, and I know I will use this resource to guide me as I work with my clients, to assist them in maintaining the privilege they desire for their communications with me.” - Craig R. Carlson, Senior Counsel – Litigation, American Electric Power