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Social Media

Where and how your company reaches its customers has dramatically changed over the last few years. The rapid evolution of social media shows no signs of slowing, presenting businesses with new opportunities and a myriad of risks each day. Focusing your company's social media efforts in the right direction takes not only flexibility, but also a legally savvy digital strategy. With an experienced team of attorneys knowledgeable across each facet of the growing social media landscape, we can help ensure you build a legally sound approach to carefully grow your brand presence, deepen your customer relationships and achieve your business goals while mitigating risk.

Our social media practice group brings together a diverse group of attorneys focused on areas of law regularly affecting, and being affected by, social media. From the latest on the discoverability of information posted on social media sites, to how social media is affecting hiring, evaluation, discipline and termination policies for employers, to necessary SEC disclosures and FTC guidelines on advertising in social media, to the administration of sweepstakes, we routinely handle the issues that are increasingly transforming your day-to-day business operations.