Women's Leadership InitiativeQ&A with Christina Flatau

Christina Flatau is a partner in the firm's Litigation Department. She focuses her practice on business and commercial litigation and has experience litigating a variety of claims including breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and enforcement of restrictive covenants.

What are the biggest issues women lawyers face?

I believe that women lawyers are often underrepresented in leadership positions, which ultimately affects the policies, procedures and culture of a firm.

What advice would you give to women just starting out at a law firm? What are some important first steps they can take to lay the groundwork for a successful career?

Build your network. Take advantage of opportunities to meet your colleagues and other professionals in the industry. A strong network can provide valuable support and opportunities for growth.

Describe a pivotal moment that influenced your career path.

Truthfully, I have not had any pivotal moments. For me, it has always been small, incremental changes that develop my practice over time.

What are you currently reading, and how might it be impacting you at the moment?

I am reading a couple different books at the same time, but the most fun has been a new cookbook. I believe it is important to unplug from work and indulge in hobbies each day.