May 20, 2021 / Media Mention

Sunny Yang featured during Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

The Pittsburgh Legal Diversity & Inclusion Coalition featured Porter Wright's Sunny Yang as part of their series of interviews during the month of May, which is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

What advice would you give to a young Asian Pacific American lawyer just starting out in their career?

Do not be afraid to speak out and be yourself. Asian Pacific Americans are traditionally taught to just work hard, not to cause any attention, and not to speak out. They are generally of firm belief that things will come naturally if they just work hard, but we know that is not necessarily true. In fact, I think many Asian Pacific American lawyers have missed advancement opportunities or leadership positions because they do not speak up.

So advice No. 1 is work hard but also do not be afraid to express your opinions. Advice No. 2 is be yourself. I think many young Asian Pacific American lawyers just starting out in their career try to become someone or act in any particular manner, because they think it would make them look more powerful or more persuasive. It took me many years to learn that it is okay to be yourself; you can build up your own style of effectively representing clients – you just need a little confidence and work towards it, so I want to give this advice to younger lawyers starting out, too.

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