January 5, 2023 / Media Mention

Front Runners: Six attorneys whose stories have graced our covers reflect on the last two decades

Ohio & Kentucky Super Lawyers Magazine

Litigator Candi Taggart is featured on the cover of the 2023 Ohio & Kentucky Super Lawyers Magazine, published in January 2023. Inside the magazine, Candi is highlighted as part of a retrospective Q&A with five other attorneys, all of whom have been individually featured on different Ohio Super Lawyer Magazine covers over the past 20 years. Candi first graced the cover of Ohio Super Lawyer Magazine in 2015.

In this latest 2023 edition, Candi responds to such questions as, "What's changed in your life since we last talked" and "How has the law changed" over the years? Candi also is recognized in the issue as being listed in the Top 10 Ohio Super Lawyers in 2023.

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