November 21, 2014 / Media Mention

Brodie Butland’s three-part presentation to strength coaches featured online

Attorney Brodie Butland spoke at the third annual Starting Strength Coaches Association Conference (SSCA) on October 4 at the Wichita Falls Athletic Club in Wichita Falls, Texas. His presentation covered how strength coaches can protect themselves against legal liability. Part 1 of Butland’s three-part series provides an overview of what happens when a lawsuit occurs. Part 2 covers the various types of contracts and their provisions. In Part 3, Butland discusses the topic of giving dietary advice. The SSCA consists of Starting Strength Coaches across the nation and a few from other nations. The SSCA credential requires passing a platform examination at a multi-day seminar showing competence in both performing and coaching five barbell lifts; those who pass the platform exam then take a lengthy essay-based written exam.