2016 Technology Seminar Series

MAY 18, 2016
JUN 15, 2016
JUL 13, 2016
Columbus, Ohio

May 18: Big Data, Data Analytics & the Law 2016: What Your Company Needs to Know About the Evolution of the Next Big Thing
A lot has happened in the world of "big data" in the past year. Every business should fully understand big data- what it means to them, what it can do for them, and how to use it responsibly. How can you be sure your company is acquiring and processing data ethically and in compliance with state, federal and international regulation or guidance? The FTC has begun to identify potential ways that employer reliance on big data tools risk violating employment laws including federal and state discrimination and privacy laws. This seminar discusses each of these questions and provides attendees with specific examples of how big data affects their workplaces, customer outreach and business strategy.

Porter Wright attorney Brian Hall and Dennis Hirsch, director of data, law, ethics and policy program at The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law discuss the legal landscape as it relates to big data.

June 15: Recent Developments in Data Breach Law and Practical Pointers When Data is Breached
The latest in the legal landscape of data breach, cases and legislative initiatives, and thoughts on how to respond in the event of data breach.

July 13: The Latest in Trade Secret Law, Including Best Practices and Legal Protection of Software
The changing landscape of patent protection for software and the importance of secret protection in business.