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Antitrust & Consumer Protection

The constant evolution of technology, coupled with market globalization, has increased the level of competition across industries. No matter the size of the company or the industry impacted, antitrust laws are a critical concern. Porter Wright’s antitrust attorneys have extensive experience resolving sophisticated antitrust issues across a variety of industries, particularly agriculture, health care, pharmaceutical, automotive, defense, music and entertainment, oil and gas, technology and retail.

Our representation includes:

  • Litigation and alternative dispute resolution
  • Grand jury inquiries, investigations and criminal proceedings
  • Mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures
  • Antitrust compliance programs, including audits and training

Our broad capability is complemented by our longstanding working relationships with federal antitrust enforcement agencies, particularly the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission, as well as with state agencies. In addition to representing defendants in class actions and multidistrict federal litigation, our attorneys have defended nearly all areas of complex antitrust litigation, including claims of monopolization, predatory pricing, price fixing, distribution restrictions, group boycotts and business torts. We help our clients avoid litigation whenever possible, but aggressively represent their interests when litigation becomes unavoidable.

Additionally, we counsel clients in a wide variety of consumer protection matters, including issues related to advertising and marketing, and data privacy. We represent clients before federal and state enforcement agencies in these matters, as well as in civil litigation, including actions based on the Lanham Act and due to data breaches.