Women's Leadership InitiativeQ&A with Diane Reichwein

Diane has represented employers throughout Ohio and nationally, providing a full range of employment law-related services to her clients. She has considerable experience defending employers in litigation matters, including discrimination, wrongful discharge, breach of contract, and employment tort cases.

Describe a pivotal moment that influenced your career path.

There wasn’t one pivotal moment, but more of a pivotal time period. I had law school in the back of my mind in college but decided to work for a while first. I accepted a position at the Ohio Attorney General’s Office as an investigator. I was involved in investigating white-collar crime and getting cases ready for grand jury and trial. After sitting my first jury trial, I knew that I wanted to be a litigator.

What advice do you wish you could give your younger self, just starting out in the legal field?

Don’t sweat the small stuff --which is easier said than done when you’re first in practice. In fact, it’s a reminder that I still have to give myself.

Name an attorney you admire and tell us why.

There are so many attorneys that I admire that it would be impossible to pick just one. I would rather focus on all of the women attorneys who came before me, breaking down barriers and opening doors for those of us who came after them. Those women paved the way for me and for the women who are starting their legal careers today. We should always remember those who came before us with gratitude and pay it forward by supporting the women coming after us.

If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would he/she be and why?

I would have dinner with my parents. They passed away a number of years ago. We have a lot of catching up to do!

Complete the sentence: “If I wasn’t an attorney, I would be a…”

An architect. To be clear, there is no chance that I ever would have, or could have been, an architect given my high school geometry grade. But the idea of designing and creating a building which would last for many lifetimes is very appealing to me. I have a particular passion for the preservation of historic buildings. I love the artistry, the workmanship and the connection to the past.