Annual “Women in Reinsurance” Event

NOV 11, 2009
Michelangelo Hotel, New York City

Our annual Women in Reinsurance event was held on the evening of Wednesday, November 11th:

Sharpening Your Professional Image

Did you know that:

  • First impressions are made in seconds and take hours to change
  • For every 1 mistake in business it takes 8 to 12 offsetting positive interactions to recover
  • Etiquette-savvy employees communicate effectively, represent the firm well, and are confident in all business interactions

To build successful long-term relationships, it's essential to project a high level of professionalism, poise and a polished image. Join us as image expert Tricia Cook shares her expertise on how to establish and maintain your professional “brand” on a daily basis.

Patricia "Tricia" Cook is the principal of Patricia Cook & Associates and provides courses and consulting on the many areas of business etiquette including dress, dining, communication, office interaction and interpersonal issues. A graduate of the University of Michigan's Business School, Patricia joined Harris Bank in Chicago in 1985 in a sales and commercial lending role. In 1994 she assumed responsibility for Harris’ corporate recruiting and Relationship Management Development Program. She uses her nearly 20 years of corporate experience to help people understand that a professional image is an important factor you control.