Key Matters

  • Obtained orders striking a 24-year-old default judgment and dismissing a quiet title action claiming adverse possession of severed oil and gas rights based on such judgment, which orders were affirmed on appeal.
  • Obtained, after 30 days of trial in a New Jersey state court, a $12.8 million verdict against a client’s legacy insurance companies for environmental clean-up damages.
  • Enforced an employee’s restrictive covenants by obtaining, following a two-day hearing in federal court, a preliminary injunction imposing a 12-month non-compete in the employee’s former territory, an 18-month non-solicitation of his former employer’s customers and employees, and an indefinite ban on disclosing or using in any manner the client’s confidential information or other property.
  • Protected a manufacturer’s customer information and other trade secrets by obtaining, after a three-day evidentiary hearing in federal court, one-year and 10-year injunctions to prevent their misuse by a former salesman and a terminated dealer.
  • Obtained, after two 10-day jury trials in federal court, judgments totaling over $14 million for siblings against their brother/uncle and his wife for misappropriation and fraudulent transfer of family assets, and protecting those judgments by obtaining pre-verdict and post-judgment freeze orders, a declaratory judgment in Florida state court that a condominium was not homestead property, and a declaratory judgment in federal bankruptcy court that the judgment against the wife was not dischargeable.
  • Served as lead trial and appellate counsel in In re: Canvass of Absentee Ballots of November 2003 General Election, 843 A.2d 1223 (Pa. 2004), in which the Pennsylvania Supreme Court declared the “in-person” delivery requirement for absentee ballots under the Pennsylvania Election Code was mandatory, resulting in a Pennsylvania Superior Court Republican candidate winning her election by 28 votes out of more than 2.25 million cast.