Key Matters

  • Obtained an injunction in California on behalf of a publicly traded manufacturer of business forms prohibiting a former employee from soliciting business from the client’s customers and from using or disclosing the client’s trade secrets or propriety information.
  • Enforced an arbitration panel’s interim final award and obtained a judgment on behalf of plaintiff, a reinsurance pool manager, for the recovery of $7 million of defendant’s assets held in trust by a Chicago bank; overcame the defendants’ contentions that the trust funds were exempt from attachment and that the federal court should abstain since the Ohio Department of Insurance had placed the defendant reinsurer in liquidation; argued the matter before the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals and prevailed.
  • Obtained a permanent injunction on behalf of manufacturer of brand name mattresses, prohibiting the defendant retail mattress chain from holding itself out as a former authorized dealer, from displaying, using or demonstrating the client’s mattress coils to the public, and from making false statements to the public regarding the quality of the client’s products.
  • Successfully defended a major Chicago law firm against claims of professional liability in an action involving alleged damages in excess of $1.4 million.
  • Successfully defended the principal respondents in an action before the Illinois Pollution Control Board alleging violations of the Illinois Environmental Protection Act and seeking a $13.5 million soil removal remedy; settled the case after six days of trial at the close of the complainant’s case in chief on terms that did not require the removal of the soil and allowed the clients to continue, and expand, their mining operations on the site.