May 18, 2010 / Media Mention

Why Green IT Isn’t Enough If You Want to Cut Energy Costs

Porter Wright IT Director Gordon Katz and Columbus partner and Green Practice Group Leader Robert Meyer were interviewed for this issue of CIO magazine.

From CIO:
[Porter Wright] IT Director Gordon Katz estimates that by setting employees’ computer monitors to sleep when they aren’t being used, he saves his company enough electricity in a year to light the Cleveland Browns’ football stadium for two seasons. He’s sure this saves money for Ohio-based law firm of Porter Wright Morris and Arthur; he just doesn't know how much.

“We don't get a dollar-for-dollar savings,” he says. With 230 lawyers in six U.S. cities, Porter Wright shares space in several buildings, paying a percentage of the total power bill in each place based on how much space it occupies, not how much electricity it consumes. But the firm has a sustainability policy, modeled on one suggested by the American Bar Association. “It sets a tone,” adds Robert Meyer, a lawyer who heads the firm's Green Practice Group. “It allows us to take things on issue by issue and see where we can make progress.”