March 19, 2015 / Media Mention

Terry Miller presents testimony to Ohio House committee

Product Liability Practice Group Chair Terry Miller spoke on behalf of the Ohio State Bar Association (OSBA) at the March 17, 2015 Ohio House Government Accountability & Oversight Committee’s hearing on House Bill 10. HB 10 seeks to provide greater transparency in contracts between the state and private attorneys. Miller told committee members that while OSBA commends the legislature for seeking to enhance transparency and accountability, it cannot support the bill's proposed regulation of contingency fees.

“Simply put, the effort at transparency and accountability is laudable and we support this,” Miller said. “The regulation of the contingency fee set forth in the bill is unnecessary and cannot be supported. Therefore, we oppose this provision and respectfully request it be removed.”

Miller testified on the same issue on behalf of OSBA in December 2014 before the Ohio Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee.