June 6, 2008 / Press Release

Porter Wright Team Receives Columbus Bar Association's President's Award

Partner Joyce Edelman received the Columbus Bar Association's President's Award at the association's annual meeting on June 6, 2008. The President's Award, given at the Columbus Bar Association President's discretion, recognizes exceptional leadership in connection with matters, causes, and initiatives related to the association. Porter Wright's award stemmed from the firm's representation of the Columbus Bar Association in connection with the association's efforts to curtail a trust mill scheme that preyed upon Ohio's elderly population and involved the unauthorized practice of law by non-lawyers. Joyce accepted the award on behalf of an outstanding team of lawyers and professionals who have dedicated so much time and effort to the firm's representation of the Columbus Bar Association.

"I'm so pleased to accept this award on behalf of the talented and dedicated team of professionals I've had the pleasure to work with," says Ms. Edelman. "This project has it all — complex and interesting legal issues, a client we believe in and strongly support, and a chance to protect the public from those who would take advantage of them."

The representation involves multiple claims against California-based American Family Prepaid Legal Corporation, Heritage Marketing and Insurance Services, their owners, Jeffrey Norman and Stanley Norman, and other affiliated sales and insurance agents. Porter Wright's team has achieved numerous favorable summary judgment rulings for the Columbus Bar Association and obtained dismissal of an attendant lawsuit challenging Rule VII of the Ohio Supreme Court Rules for the Government of the Bar of Ohio. And when Stanley Norman and American Family Prepaid Legal Corporation filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy petitions in California, Porter Wright filed successful motions to protect CBA's rights against those parties and their assets.

Approximately 40 Porter Wright lawyers, law clerks, and staff members have contributed to the firm's efforts on behalf of the Columbus Bar Association. In all, the firm has invested more than 8,000 pro bono hours on these matters during the last two years.